In the studio, Exeter, England  (photo: Karen (Jules) Taylor) Twighlight Vine (i)  (detail) 2023  Photo EMG Across the Blue Horizon (i) 2021 (detail) In the studio, Exeter, England  (photo: Karen (Jules) Taylor) Caesura 2019 36 x 54 cms (image EMG ) The Vine : Autumn/L'Automne (ii) 2019 40 x 60 cms (image EMG) Imagining 2017 15¨ x 21¨ / 38 x 53 cm (Photo: Sonja van Driel) Night Vines - detail 2017 41 x 41cm / 16¨ x16¨ (photo M. Tomkinson) Revealing - detail 2017 38 x 54 cm / 15¨ x 15¨ (photo M Tomkinson)

My work is about light. Each work uses light-reflecting materials; Venetian gold, Ravenna glass and Carrara marble.

For all who look, at each and every moment, light is held, captured, and let go - continually and continuously. It is, for
me a sublime engagement. EMG - MORE


Elaine lives in Burgundy, France, in the village of Couches on the edge of the famed Côte-dʼOr, a premier wine growing region of France, where she has established her atelier/studio and home.