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In March 2016, Elaine moved her studios from Exeter, England and Marrakech, Morocco to Burgundy in France.

Here in the village of Couches on the edge of the famed Côte-dʼOr, a premier wine growing region of France she has established her atelier/studio and created a permanent gallery for her work. It is open to all visitors by appointment.

Take a look - www.couches.gallery


November 3 2018 - May 2019

‘Ouverture Marocain‘

Gallery d'Art Elaine M Goodwin, Couches, Burgundy

An exhibition of works created by Elaine M Goodwin when she stayed at her home Dar
Aicha in Marrakech, Morocco. She had a traditional riad in the centre of the souk of
Marrakech from 2001 - 2016, where she also had her studio. The works are
expressions of the city seen mainly through the image of the door and the window.
They reflect the colourful and vibrant life around her.
She will be joined by the well known Moroccan calligrapher Mohamed Abaoubida,
who will create five new works in collaboration with Elaine and demonstrate the art
of calligraphy.


Retrospective - Elaine M Goodwin 'Journeying to Light' - 10 April - 23 June 2019

Gallery of the Royal Albert Museum and Art Gallery, Exeter, England (RAMM)

A major exhibiton showing the work of Elaine over forty years, throughout which time she kept a home and studio in Exeter. It traces her introduction into the art of mosaic through a love of ancient Roman and Greek mosaics; to her revelatory discovery of Byzantine mosaic work where she believes she found a true understanding of the medium. The comprehensive exhibition includes inspirations from working, travelling and living in India, the Middle East and the Maghreb. Finally it shows her current work including that created in her new atelier in Burgundy, France.


Retrospective - Elaine M Goodwin 'Journeying to Light II' - 31 May 2019-17 May 2020

Galerie D’Art Elaine M Goodwin, Couches, Burgundy, France (solo)

In parallel with her major retrospective in England: Elaine will exhibit work in her gallery in France from her private collection covering forty years of her professional working life. Many of her early inspirations behind the work will be revealed, from both Greco/Roman times through to the Byzantine period. It will show a progression from her earliest work in the late 1970s which incorporated images of the tree and the bird and also includes family portraits and works exploring the human figure. The exhibition will take the viewer through to her present works inspired by physics, biology and the Absolutes.


The Numinous / Les Numineux Elaine M Goodwin (solo) March 14 - June 14 2020

Gallery Chapel Saint Eman, Chartres, France

Works which touch upon an extreme. At one and the same time they can suggest two opposing forces: an immediacy of delight and wonder yet at that very same awakened moment can also evoke feelings of dark mystery and the unknown. This creates in the viewer a double tension: which any profound musing on the infinite has the ability to arouse.

Galerie Mona Lisa, Rive Gauche, Paris, France. May/June 2013